Sunday, 28 June 2009

The East End Thrift Pub.

Store! I mean store.

Although 3 glasses of (free) wine and only one £2 cardigan purchased would disagree with me.

This is Thursday night, and what was essentially my goodbye party since Bailey was leaving for York on Friday night and wouldn't be back til Sunday when I was already home. 
Shopping and free alcohol is as good a send off as any. In fact given that we are students, and fashion students at that, it is a perfect send off. 

I have no pics of the actual clothes we bought, but I do have descriptions! 
I got an oversized pale peach/pink cardi with rows of same colour sequins down the front, for £2!!! So far, so awesome, especially given the money situation (£30 for 4 days!!!).

Bailey bought a jumper from the very same rail (ahhh £2 rail, how I love thee), and also a black sequin vest, which was awesome, and...I actually forget what else she bought. There were three things though, I'm sure. 

I'd highly recommend keeping an eye here (EETS's myspace) for details of these parties - tunes, wine or beer, and clothes. Although there were no special discounts, there is the afore-mentioned £2 rail, and most things are priced at £10/£15 with the odd coat/jumpsuit at £25/£30. Well worth the trek - it's between Whitechapel and Stepney Green tube stations, down Assembley Passage, which is opposite Blockbuster.

Yes it looks like a dodgy back street.
Don't let this put you off.

See - me and Bailey even sat there for more drinks after our shopping was done!

The store itself is opposite some student halls too. We were jealous.

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