Monday, 29 June 2009

The Perfect Last Day

Saturday was a day of bright sunshine.
It was a day which included shopping, trying on expensive shoes, (almost) skipping along the South Bank, seeing old friends, eating ice cream, and getting caught in the rain on the way home.
It was also my last day in London. :(.

The shopping portion was in Topshop*.
Not having money is not a deterrent when it comes to shopping, evidently. Not when you have a Topshop card.
I only went in to get this swimming costume, but ended up with a whole load of underwear too.

Oh, and I tried on some gold shoes.
They are lush.
If they are in the Newcastle store when I have money, I can almost guarantee I'll be buying them.
Infact, even if they aren't in the Newcastle store, I'll get them online.
The only thing stopping me on Saturday was the fact that unlike my other purchases, I couldn't just squeeze them down the side of one of my bags.

Afterwards, I went for coffee at the Caffe Nero at Green Park (which I recommend to fans of hot Italian boys), stopping off at the YSL store on the way. I so desperately wanted to try on the calf length cage boots I keep wittering on about, but they didn't have them anymore. It looks like that ship has sailed. Sad times.
I did try on these instead though....
...which are essentially the same concept, except a little less cage-y, with a silver heel instead of black, and only ankle length. Still lush. And were surprisingly comfortable!

I then had an hour and a half to kill, and decided to walk along the South Bank.
From Vauxhall to London Bridge.
In gladiator sandals.
I am hardcore.

It was at this point I put on my London playlist.** I'll just say this: YOU try listening to Lily Allen's LDN on a day as hot as that while walking through London without a smile on your face and/or without the urge to skip.
Almost impossible.

Anyways, here are some pics from my wandering:

The spotty trees are something to do with the "Walking In My Mind" exhibition at the Hayward Gallery which is on now; and includes work by Yayoi Kusama. If I'd had time I might've popped in - I remember looking at her in college. At least I remember the spotty room.

I met Mark at King's Cross about 20 minutes later than I said I'd be, as is usual. I haven't seen him for about 2 years, and I didn't look like this then. Always amusing. We hung out for a few hours, and had ice cream, and got lost about 5 times, and then I left him at Kentish Town - he was in London to see Brand New. I wish I'd had a ticket; they are clearly awesome.

And on the way home; even though it was still warm; it started to rain.
While I was listening to Interpol.


* Speaking of, if I were going to a festival this year, I would be all over these wellies.

**I have a playlist for everything, incase you weren't aware.

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