Sunday, 28 June 2009

Purchases; Part Two

Ways to kill a 3 hour train journey: part one.
Actually, I only have an hour and a half left now but yeah.*
Currently listening to my London playlist - yes, I do have a playlist for everything. It is necessary.

This post is Wednesdays purchases; aka my goodbye East London tour '09.
All bought before I found out my bank account had been hacked** and I had to cancel my card and get a new one.
A new one which is being sent to Newcastle and would take at least 5 days to get there.
Leaving me with just under 30 quid to last me 4 days, and 7 ebay packages.
Obviously this was going to end well.

Additionally, I have new respect for goths. Especially in summer.
Wearing black and chunky boots in this heat is not advisable, so as a lifestyle choice it must be pretty tough going.
I bring this up as my get-up on Weds was as such:

Beloved oversized blazer; black Topshop bodysuit; Miss Selfridge
jersey skirt - both snaffled from work; Doc Martens

I found the East End Thrift Store, I bought another versatile dress. Oh how I love versatile vintage ♥

It was at the til that I was informed of the following evenings 'shopping party', where there would be free alcohol.
Even before the '30 quid for 4 days' debacle, I was vair interested. This will get its own post!

Then onwards to Beyond Retro; where I can never resist buying stuff. Never.
Finally found a playsuit I didn't hate, and again a versatile one in the sense that if I get bored of it being a playsuit it would make a FANTASTIC and awesome jacket, and I suppose a pair of shorts also. These next few pics aren't too clear. Stupid light. Apologies.

Also, a black lace corset, which I have been after for some time. This one comes with blue ribbon detail, and is both to wear under and over stuff. Clearly not going to be posting the under section, but here is over, with navy and black and my beloved simple elastic belt, which I have been neglecting of late, but is really an absolute need-to-own item. And all this for 2.50. Sometimes it is worth braving Primark, but only for tights/socks and occasionally awesome belts.

And finally; after about 10 minutes of scouring the shoe section and trying on anything because vintage sizes are never what they say they are - I was at one point desperately trying to squeeze my foot into a heeled beige loafer with gold accents, which were beautiful, and labelled a 5, although clearly more like a 4...bad times - I came across these beauties.

Now the decision to buy them despite dwindling funds, I am a little ashamed to say, is because only days before I'd watched that episode of Sex & The City where Carrie's new Manolos go missing at a party.
These ones.

You may have noticed they bare a striking resemblance.


In non-spending related news, lunch was accomplanied by indie musician spotting.
99.9% sure this is Blaine from Mystery Jets. Photo taken for the wonderful Catherine Young; who loves him a little bit***, and is vair jealous of me right now.

But moments later came the fateful phonecall from the bank, which but a bit of a dampener on my day, so I went home pretty sharpish after this...

* By the time I finished writing this, I only have 45 minutes left.
** That's so not even the technical term for it, but I am such a part of the Internet generation that I can't think of another word...!
*** A lot.

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