Friday, 7 January 2011


not ice as in the bane of my life; that prevented me from cycling for so long, and which was finally gone until it did a little snow today; no no; but ice as in ice blue...

blue dress off of placement//shirt stolen off of housemate (he's not getting it back, it's too warm and cosy)//primark tights//h! by henry holland shorts//peacocks boots
h&m bodycon dress//asos boots

two days, two outfits, one dress.
a dress that's been hanging in my wardrobe for almost 2 years and which i've worn approx once in all that time - always a contender for the ebay pile, every time i have a clear out, but always managing to worm it's way back in. i blame the wonderful colour and the quality for this (100% silk panel. believe.)... the elasticated panels at the waist pull weirdly if you just tie the belt at the back, see, but the past two days i tied it at the front. crossover details > weird pulling, of course.
so now, regular rotation.

apologies, by the way, for the stream of outfit posts. i have little else to write about and little time to write about it anyway - first half of my collection work is due on monday (4 toiles, 10 samples, 12 illustrated looks plus technical drawings for each garment, sketchbook, fabric book, muse board+story, philosophy, brief) and dissertation is due tuesday (done. 80 words over the word count. suck it, bitches.), so, yeah. and though i meant to post collection updates on my tumblr, that has also...not...happened...


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