Wednesday, 12 January 2011

the skirt.

everything is handed in.
when loan day and hand in day collide, reward shopping is a necessity.
my friend clare told me 'jenn, there's this skirt in h&m that i saw and thought of you' and so as straight to h&m it was. i'm glad she brought it to my attention...

2nd hand jacket//tee from the internetz//h&m skirt+necklace+rings//matalan belt//priceless boots

they only had a size 6s and size 14s, but luckily since it's only fitted at the waist i could wiggle into the 6. s'all good.

so much for saying goodbye to witchy fall vibes...


mam said...

Six????? :O

Also - I see the belt gets a lot of wear :)


MargieF said...

i wish i could wiggle into a 6. i swear my arm wouldnt wiggle into a 6 lol. i really like this outfit its a bit different but i really like it
the tee is funny