Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Last Week's Antics

Involving Lincoln timez and beach timez (pre-Josh-getting-sand-in-my-camera timez...)
I'm currently booking my 'dam hostel (50 euros for 3 nights; WIN) and am a strange/wonderful mix of super nervous/super excited. DWQOUFHEWCNQWJGREHFWOAIVB.

Still no recommendations of places to visit! Gee thanks guys! Good job I have the Internet/people who have lived in and/or visited certain places I'm going to... Hmm.


Lincoln was 2 days of fishbowls, massive hills (MASSIVE), leaf friends, Heroes, catching up and AWESOMENESS. I do love Lincoln. I shall return at some point. Probably next semester?? idk. I'm glad Ana has the Internet now, she should do a blog.

I had the cheesiest chips ever after this night. Mega cheesedreamz. I love cheesedreamz.

Yeah; during picnics, we punch holes in leaves and then draw faces on them in liquid eyeliner, cos we're AWESOME like that. We also get harrassed my ladybirds. And see the most awesome old workmen sitting on the Tennyson statue by the Cathedral! Love for these guys and their staring in my general direction during this pic.

Returned on Thursday to rush around before seeing Florence and having a night out; then a house party on Friday; then a beautifully and unseasonably warm day on Saturday which resulted in "LET'S GO TO TYNEMOUTH". It's lovely having friends who have cars, really.

Luke & Josh like climbing on rocks, evidently.

The MOST AWESOME rusty can! I don't know why I found this fascinating, but....I did.

Chillaxing on a rock. J'adore this semi-sheer striped shirt, a lot. Tied around my waist; it's actually pretty long. All stripes, love.
So, I'm all caught up now! I'm gonna try to keep up the Fashion Week posts, cos there's only Paris left, but it depends what time I have. Perhaps there'll be a round up of sorts at some point? Le shrug.
I'm definately taking the ol' laptop for blogging/photo uploading/iPod charging needs, so read on, read on.

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