Monday, 28 September 2009


OK, so here it is: the itinerary. Dates with a / mean I haven't decided where to stay for how long yet...

Sept 30th - Leave Newcastle
Oct 1st - Arrive Amsterdam
Oct 4th - Amsterdam > Brussells
Oct 5th/6th - Brussells > Berlin
Oct 9th - Berlin > Prague
Oct 11th/12th - Prague > Milan
Oct 13th/14th - Milan > Rome
Oct 17th - Rome > Barcelona
Oct 19th/20th - Barcelona > Paris
Oct 23rd - Paris > London
Oct 26th - Back to Newcastle!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for anyone to recommend me places to go in these cities! I'm looking for museums, places to eat, landmarks, markets, shops (but nothing too expensive, I'm on a budget here.)

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mam said...

thank you angel. watch out for your postie tomorrow xx