Friday, 5 August 2011


As in I have left the house, and have worn something of vague interest. Vidi:

vintage dress+shirt+jacket+brooch+ring//topshop belt//
2nd hand shoes//H&M rings//primark socks//avon lipstick

Workin' a Mulberry vibe below the ankles.
The lipstick - I forget which kind, but it's the only lipstick shade Avon do that goes by Instant Mocca - is my favourite shade right now; a bright pink which clashes horrendously with the hair. The last one had been worn down 'til it was flat, after most of the stick broke off in my bag one time. Typical. At least the replacement was only £3, ey?

I noticed a thing in one of the weekend tabloid papers which was along the lines of 'do's and don'ts in fashion', in which 'socks with heels' were one of the don'ts.
'Do's and don'ts' are my ultimate pet hate in fashion - it's bad enough in actual fash mags, but when tabloids and such do such features my first reaction is usually 'who are YOU to tell people what to/what not to wear?!'
Style is an expression of individuality, yo.

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Anonymous said...

Waaahhh those shoes are amazing! And the newspapers are clearly wrong - socks and shoes are definitely a do.
L x