Thursday, 4 August 2011

uncle karl for the masses.

Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's.
Chanel style for the everyday American (I assume it won't be available outside the US... does Macy's online ship oversees?)


I love the first dress. The leatherette trousers/high necked top combo is awesome, if a little something-Rachel-from-Friends-would've-worn-in-the-late-90s, and that last coat seems - teehee - a little familiar (sos, but black/white/grey flecked wool coats with a military whiff are always gonna make me smirk in a knowing fashion from now on.), but everything has the kind of look and feel of Chanel on a budget. Which makes sense, since Karl is so much more known for Chanel and his sunglasses than he is his own label anymore...

PS, you have seen Karl-sans-sunnies by now, yes?

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Cylia said...

great models:) and love the way their modelling.