Sunday, 26 June 2011

full of Grace.

Just bringing this Guardian interview with Grace Woodward to your attention - I think she makes some great and very true points about the industry, particularly this run of questions:

Fashion is often perceived as a lowbrow, fluffy subject. Does that annoy you?

Fashion is art, and there are designers who are geniuses. It's highbrow. Are you saying Hussein Chalayan isn't a genius? I have felt demeaned when saying I work in fashion but that's only because people don't understand what I do. They confuse styling and fashion with the high street.

So what is the difference?

Fashion, in its purest sense, is about breaking rules. High street is a watered-down interpretation. I am a stylist, and style is neither fashion nor high street. Stylish people tend to shop the least because they aren't swayed by what's on-trend or in-store.

You're not a fan of Primark then?

I appreciate the high street but "fashion" for the masses is everywhere, like processed white bread. Everyone eats it.

The fashion industry is often accused of being run by interns. Do you agree with this culture of unpaid work?

I blame universities. They are taking 60-plus students on their fashion courses when there just aren't enough jobs out there. It's irresponsible because they end up interning for no payback. Why is there no accredited apprenticeship scheme with fashion houses, where designers get paid to impart a trade that makes you viable? I have thought about going to David Cameron about it. It's giving fashion a bad name.

You seem passionate about the ethics of the industry – what's your take on the body image debate? Do you resent fashion getting the blame?

Fashion magazines shouldn't have to bear the weight of the responsibility. It's a lazy observation, cultivated by the media. Like I said, we are trying to create a fantasy, not tell people how to look. I know it sounds like a flimsy argument but I don't think you can nanny people. It's a psychological issue. It's not fashion's fault.

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