Sunday, 29 August 2010

the plight of aa.

American Apparel is renowned for a number of things. whether that's for being a blogger favourite - a well publicised brand in this currently rather internet reliant industry, a mainstay in the eyes of communities like chictopia and; for their somewhat over-sexualised ads or for their somewhat oversexed CEO; or more recently for their ever increasing money problems.

the highly sexualised reputation of both AA and Dov Charney are, mostly, taking the blame for what could be the companies demise, but is that really the cause? I MEAN REALLY? it's not like this is a new development - in the beginning, there was the image. at the height of AA-fever, there was the image. AA is the image. there is no escaping the image.
we are to blame, if anything, that ol' fashion-foe, the economy.

of course, here's some personal experience: i have but one AA item, a moss green tube dress which has rather lost it's elasticity, and cost me 22 of my best british pounds a couple of years ago. good quality, ill give you that. a great basic. a good jersey piece. despite its tendency to slip down now when i wear it as a dress, i keep it in my wardrobe. it makes a good skirt when belted and twisted into some sort of shape. i still like it. but two years later, £22 wouldn't get me much in AA. take, for example, the lace trim cycling shorts.
they've become quite the must-have item, especially for this modesty-concious cyclist, but a pair of (shiny, and therefore not ideal) shorts in the covent garden AA store (oh yes, i've done my research) would've set be back a whopping £28. TWENTY. EIGHT. POUNDS.
WHAT? can get similar lace trimmed cycling shorts, in a lovely matt jersey, in H&M for under a fiver. i think it is obvious where one such as myself would rather purchase my shorts.

once could argue that AA have their ethics and USA-produced garments and that's the reason for their high prices, but when one has increasingly high debts and clothes that are approx. 7 times more expensive than your competitors; maybe it's time for a rethink. the hipster vote isn't going to help you now, Dov, no matter how you try to change your image*


*what with new product lines and such. you may have noticed that AA is no longer merely where spandex goes to die, but also home to sheer loveliness (maxis; blouses; frilly tu-tu affairs) and other gorgeous non-jersey pieces (i really, REALLY like the tailored trousers in store atm); and i will forever be a fan of the huge range of colours available, but alas, AA, i and many like me can't afford most of your wares, and as such, you are doomed. additionally, your sizing is a little mental. i'm 90% sure the aforementioned tube dress I own is a medium. i'm a size 8/10. surely only children fit into the XS size?!?

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