Saturday, 28 August 2010

close to home.

style icons come in many forms. example: who knew ms. benes would be such a fabulous muse?
but while fictional characters and celebrities are all well and good, sometimes inspiration comes from mere mortals. note the huge rise of street style: it's in blogs, it's in magazines, it's in books; one assumes it's inspired dissertations and the like. a trip to the town centre could get your creative juices flowing (or, of course) make you curse your town's lack of style). but how about inspiration EVEN CLOSER to your own person?

i stole this picture from facebook.
i assume mam won't mind.

my mam, some time in the 80s.
i will update this when she comments on this post telling me the exact year. she will.
; in 1984

dear mam,
i covet your top, with its adorable collar (lace? crochet?), and can only wonder what 80s-tastic garment graces your lower half. i am, however, quite aware that you no longer own any of these wondrous vintage items and so can't pass them to your daughter, however much she would've appreciated it.

there are some charity shops that gained some great pieces a few years ago; a mere few years before my interest in such items peaked.



Mam said...

Hahahaha!! It is 1984. I was 24. Work it out.

The 'bottom half' was a rather boring cream linen-y pencil skirt with a kick pleat at the back if memory serves. Worn with the obligatory (and not at all chavvy back then!) cream stiletto court shoes! Crocheted collar.

If I hung on to every item I've ever owned for your benefit, I would need a whole house purely for clothes. Who knew that these items would one day be back 'on trend' :)

You know me too well - MWAH!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot, I customised the top, circa 1992? I cut the sleeves off and made the neckline deeper,I think they were called shell tops, or some such. I have a pic of me at someone's wedding wearing it post-customise. Shall dig it out when you come home.

*Sigh* Look how young I am on there...

Editor said...

How sweet that your mom reads your blog! My mother reads mine, too--and has no problem telling me if I write something she doesn't agree with!

I would kill for some of the clothes and shoes my mom owned in the 70's and 80's, so I completely understand the sentiment. I always scold her for not setting that stuff aside for me!