Monday, 30 August 2010

saturday post.

a veritable feast of post arrived for me on saturday morning. an ink cartridge (already emptied), my free copy of Vice, and the motherload: my Model's Own purchases.

lilac; purple grey; top coat; the pastel pack (fuzzy peach, lime green and feeling blue) and a black mascara (which is great, thanks for asking)

...and then me and Ana went to Tynemouth Market. we bought a variety of things (she got some homemade jam, which I am reliably informed tasted goooood, and we both went jewellery mad. also i found some flying-based things for the sketchbook....)

epaulette; RAF badge thing; vintage ring...

and this. which you will have already seen if you follow me on twitter.

amazing ring/bracelet/thing.

i was sure i'd painted my nails lilac already by this point but evidently not; they are still buff pink.
the lilac, top/base coat and mascara are all i've tried out as of now, but the base coat performs it's function and the mascara is great (rather robust brush) and definitely a bargain at a fiver, and the lilac is probably the best nail polish for colour/coverage i've used.
thick, but not too thick; bright but not too bright. i could've gotten away with one coat, but slapped another on for luck. about half of my nails have chipped in 2 days, but then the only really noticeable one is the chunk missing from my right thumb, which is more than likely a result of having to wash up.
think i'll take this one off and see what one of the other colours are like this evening.

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