Thursday, 8 July 2010

double d.

a tiny, quick post in reference to a quick mention in this post, but topshop's online lingerie department includes this:

"also available in a dd cup"
which means, maybe, they're doing a listen.
although, note, these 5 styles (which aren't the only styles in a dd but were all grouped near each other for a nice screencap) are all completely sold out of dd sizes, apart from the leopard print straps one which still has 36dd in stock.

ok, so all 5 are mostly sold out of all sizes, but still, maybe this is a positive step in bigger sizes, in nice designs, on the high street - they're obviously selling.


Sarah said...

They've been doing DD sizes for ages now, like the bigger clothes sizes though they never seem to actually have them in stock :(

Wardrobe Wars said...

Have never bought any Topshop underwear - no particular reason, just never think to look in that department. Looking online, there are some beautiful options - what to choose..........................?????????????

Greetings from Ireland
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