Saturday, 10 July 2010

mcqueen; resort '11

kinda surprised i haven't seen this around more, AND i'm a little late to get to it (it's been on for, what, 3 weeks?) - the first McQueen collection not headed by the man himself (A/W not counted since it was almost finished when he died....)

being a huge McQueen fan, i awaited new collections with trepidation. could 'replacement' Sarah Burton really carry on Lee's vision?
the house could've waited until the S/S shows to show her debut collection, but i think resort was perfect as it's not as high profile outside of the industry, and there's no need for a big show. it's all about the clothes. the kind of set up that the main collections require would likely have come in for criticism, since McQueen's shows were always a spectacle, and it's possible that Burton's vision might've come under fire and the clothes themselves been ignored or at least taken a back seat.

the clothes themselves, i think, hit the right spot. recognisably McQueen, but not quite the same. a tribute, and a natural progression, but not trying too hard to 'be him'.

imgs from

the colour palette, shapes, details and cut belong under the mcqueen name, definitely, but something is a little different. which is exactly how it should be, non?

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