Friday, 4 June 2010


un outfité.*

*clearly french for an outfit.

jacket from ebay//thrifted dress//mesh crop jumper thrifted in Berlin//Dorothy Perkins shoes//
H&M necklace//vintage sunglasses//various rings//some REALLY OLD BRACELETS

Don't ask about the spoon; I don't know.
I had (am having) a massive clearout (ebayyyyy); my reasons for which are threefold.
1. I need money.
2. I am refining my style; anything that isn't really me is going. I want to build a more focused wardrobe. 70s and 90s influences, feminine without being girly, and a bit of an edge. Lots of jersey, lots of longer lengths.
3. I have too much stuff. Mostly jewellery that I don't wear cos I wear the same necklaces/rings/bracelets all the time.

That said, I found this multitude of elastic bead bracelets when I was clearing out stuff, and I was taken back to school/college when I used to wear them ALL THE TIME. So I put them all on at once.

FYI, it was too hot for the jacket OR elasticated bracelets yesterday.

ALSO note my green nails? It's Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Mint Mojo. It was £1.85; and caught my attention in Morrisons, of all places. They had some super bright colours, but whether it's the pale shade or the price tag, this took 3 coats and I've smudged it everywhere. Course, that's my fault cos I'm right clumsy with nail polish BUT STILL. Nice shade though.

Additional Information:
- This time next week I will be waking up in a tent at Isle of Wight; likely spazzing at the fact that in approx 12 hours JayZ will be on the stage infront of me. Currently listening to Blueprint 3. Just cos.

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Clare said...

Such a cute dress! I need to get ebaying soon too... It's free listing day on Sunday!

tweet tweet tweet


Mam said...

Your hair is lovely - colour and style! No wonder you melted in Heaton Perk though, lol. Well done on getting the Interpol tickets, though if you'd asked I'd have got them as a birthday pressie for

Anonymous said...

oh my god can I just thank you so much, I had no idea Interpol had released dates til I read this, got my tickets for Dublin now :-)

& niiice outfit

jenn said...

glad to be of service! wouldn't want anyone missing out on 'pol-based goodness!