Thursday, 3 June 2010

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This post may feel totally out of place given that it's 9am and the sun is already blazing outside, but being ahead of the curve can reap massive benefits - so instead of looking at summer trends, let's dive into autumn/winter.

The thing about current trends, of course, is they might be readily available in stores but their vintage counterparts' eBay prices are severely jacked up - and if, like me, you'd rather have the vintage piece than the high street rip-off; this guide is for you. I might even make it a recurring thing. Suggest me some more A/W trends.

Burberry, A/W10

My first spotlight: shearling. Big fan. Adored this Burberry collection; still do.
Course, while eBay is first go-to for vintage; it's not so reliable for the purposes of highlighting what's available; what with listings lasting 9 days, so it's to etsy I wandered for inspiration.

"There's a jacket for every budget!"

Clockwise from top:

A mere sample, there, but you get the idea. The vintage shearling pool is varied and you'll find big-ass curly wool things (my favourite; but out of my price range right now...) to cute little bomber jacket styles.

Luckily for me, a faux-shearling is already in my possession for the princely sum of a pound from a charity shop, but I don't love it, so perhaps some tweaking is in order. First order of business: kilt buckles; and perhaps some extra fuzzy fabrics. I'll let you know how that goes, huh?

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frances said...

I already bought 3. THREE different kinds. Help. x

jenn said...

no, i shall encourage! i want a good one. that fits well. the one i have might have been a quid but it's also not very fluffy and a bit boxy. GAH.