Saturday, 5 June 2010

best of both worlds

So, you might've noticed (or not...) that despite my hair resolutions , my hair is infact, pretty much the same as it was 6 months ago. Maybe a little longer. Depressing.

Well, I say it's the same; it was until yesterday.
In my hair resolutions, I listed some 'hair icons' as it were. Well, I think somewhere between 60s model and Taylor Tomassi, I should've slotted in this lady:

Yeah, that's Rogue off of X-Men. X-Men: the 90's cartoon version, at that. Which was MINT.

So yeah, boredom plus a sense that everyone has bright red hair these days made this happen:

It looks good in a quiff.

I did do it myself, but it didn't work cos the red was too red. This is as blonde as the hairdresser (!!! I haven't been to one in about a year and a half...) could get it; and she said it'll probs go whiteblonde next time I dye it.
But I do like it this shade, which is somewhere between peach and golden. More Hayley Williams off of Paramore than Rogue, but it's all good.
Although, between the hair/nose ring/eyeliner/Paramore comparisons, I fear I look like a massive emo. Which I haven't been since I was 17. D:.
More pics?

Oh, and those shoes? Yeah, they're amazing and they were £9 off of eBay and I love them.

Speaking of shoes; my amazing wellies. Necessary for next weekend.
I'm listening to Jay-Z again, though a week today is The Strokes (!!!!!!1!!1!11!!ONE!). And Blondie. And Vampire Weekend. Scuse me; happy dance.

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mam said...

wow good 'do! It looks lots longer in the last pic. You gonna do it blonde again then? :D Luuuush shoes!

frances said...

it DOES look good in a quiff. I had almost exactly those shoes but the heel broke. the only time that's EVER happened to me. yours look a little sturdier so I hope they survive better!

inked said...

great shoes. obsessed with your hair color