Thursday, 17 June 2010

i am a creator.

Vice is only doing another collaboration-type-affair, aren't they? what are they like?!

The Creators Project is all about taking, err, creators and putting them out there. It's a "celebration of creativity and culture across media, and around the world."
essentially, they do a little interview and a video with/about certain people with music, film, art, design, and of course, fashion, and they talk about their work and how the place they live/are from has influenced them. y'know, that kinda thing.

on their site you can find such people as CSS, Mark Ronson and Peaches, with big coming soon notices on one of The Horrors, Spike Jonze and Nick Zinner. but I'm here to talk about Alexandre Herchcovitch, because he's in fash-un, yah?

of course, typically, the video refuses to embed. so instead, you shall have to enjoy the pics of his SS09 New York show below, courtesy of TCP's website. and a snippet of interview.

The Creators Project: How did you become interested in fashion?
Alexandre Herchovitch: Observing my mother’s sense of style.

Is schooling important for designers?
Well, there’s a lot of debate about that. Some of the best designers didn’t study to become designers. They were learning intuitively, you know? Since I was working with clothes long before I ever enrolled at university, four or years before, I already had a brand. I sold and made clothes for some years. It was important for me because I wanted to understand fashion branding better. At the same time, I don’t think university did that for me ultimately.

Where do you find inspiration?

My influences come from various places. Music influences me, but in a marginal way, not directly. With me, music is important, but not in what I create. I don’t think music has a direct connection to my work.

Has being from Sao Paulo influenced you much, do you think?

There are a lot of commonalities between my work and where I’m from and where I was born. But I don’t think if you picked out one of my pieces and asked someone where they thought it were from, they wouldn’t say Brazil. My work doesn’t give off the vibe that it’s specific to Sao Paulo or Brazil. What I think Sao Paulo helped me to do and to understand—because of its cosmopolitan nature—is make fashion that could be worn around world.


PS, if you're down London way this time next month,
go enter this Vice competition to win tickets to see some bands, including Kele from off of Bloc Party, whose solo stuff is all kinds of awesome. (I'm gonna see him in Newcastle a few days earlier.)


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