Thursday, 17 June 2010


oh hai! I'm back; so it is photoblog time, ouioui?

but first, I'm nominated for Blog of the Month at British Style Bloggers, so obviously you should click on this and vote. and pimp me out a little. yeah.
now, some photos of my week.

the view from le ferry//some amazingly cute sygnets in Newport Harbour//Bailey & the wonders of Newport//
mud. (my wellies are the navy mock-croc affairs; a good choice I believe.)//JAY-Z, YEAHBOII//
Vampire Weekend, Biffy, and The Strokes. from the barrier. YES.//our new friend, BEEEEE, perusing the band times//
chillin' in the sun//some guy called Paul *shrug*

no but really; amazing weekend. I've noticed around some blogs (BSB guest posts, I'm lookin' at you) that not so many fash-un bloggers are down with festivals, but BOOHISSBOO to all of y'all. this was only my second but it was awesome. I can't choose between IOW '10 and Latitude '08, though - IOW would be whooping ass, I think, but Interpol headlining the Sunday at Lat was, like, a spiritual experience.

speaking of; I came home to find my Interpol tickets for November.
everythings comin' up millhouse jenn

no sign of my espresso machine yet, though....

regular service will resume shortly!

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