Friday, 28 May 2010

northumbria 2010; part four - boys, boys, boys

A bit of a departure for this blog now....menswear!

Amy Churchill

That last tshirt is padded; it's pretty cool, if a bit odd.
The, err, perk(?) of menswear is that we (we being 'my' band of raggedy alcoholics who end up at theCut every week) have a friend (and by friend I mean person we kinda know from out and about) modelling this year. Which is a source of amusement, of course. Kurt would be the one in aforementioned padded tee.

Caroline Rowland
Love the pops of yellow.

Fiona Macaulay

Natassja Kirk

Two words: pimp. stick.
Loved this one - but then, I'm a sucker for a dandy.

Stacey Beggs

Some nice cuts here.

Sian Catherine Griffiths

I only got a couple of shots of this one, but I loved the little details. The pleated(Y) gunflaps on the trench, for example.
I think this bag is also from her collection...either way it's awesome.

Louise Dickinson

The traveller/map/ethnic theme was so strong and clear here (we had a chat with some 4th years, so I've seen some of their sketchbooks and stuff...). Loved the oversized shirt&jacket shapes, and, of course, the map print.
Louise was Bryony's 4th year; and Bryony made the bag all by her onesies...
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Daniel Gourley said...

The guy with the afro is Chris (Fraire's boyfriends brother.)


Daniel Gourley said...

Also, Kurt :D