Saturday, 29 May 2010

northumbria 2010; part five - form and structure

Womenswear! (Part One...)

Kate Johnson

Circus themed; can you tell? I still want those stripy Topshop tights. Love the third look - stripy corset+peachy sheer...

Kate Black

Lots of sheer boned sculptural bits and bobs...
Cream and red is such a lovely colour palette. Love the red seams and zips on the cream pieces, and vice-versa.

Naomi New

Gaga-rific; fringes, studs, hair and leather...

Anna Young

More sheer, frilly, girly-ness, but in deep blue shades...

Charlotte Boden

Bright prints, sheer, unisex. One of the more successful collections, non?

Cristina Dobrean

aka Bailey's 4th year.
Structural and sheer, all in black, with red and silver accents...

Stephanie Jayne Price

This was pretty cool - the 1st and 3rd looks had LED lights in them (the bags acted as the battery packs), but they didn't turn the lights down (as Stephanie had asked!) so you couldn't really see them.
Also, I love the nude shoes that everyone was using...

Gemma Williamson

I felt this was a little hit and miss (sorry, not a fan of the red...thing, nor the overdecorated blue coat...) but some of these worked wonderfully - the stained glass window print on simpler pieces like the mini dress and long skirt worked wonderfully, as did the white, almost burke-esque jacket/cardi.

Victoria Kirby

Of course she's going to GFW.
The most amazing part is that the dresses (I'm assuming #2&3) are one pattern piece... and have you ever seen crushed velvet used like that?

Samantha Probert

One of my favourites, in that it struck the right balance (for a student's final collection) between wearable and spectacle. Of course, military inspired, it's the unusual details like the braided cage piece over the sheer dress and body that make it stand out, but the colour palette was gorgeous too, as was the ruffle-y coat. And it was so well made! Kudos.

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Daniel Gourley said...

Victoria Kirby, Stephanie Jayne Price, Cristina Dobrean, and Naomi New = YUM!