Saturday, 6 March 2010


So, Thursday night.
Gaga times.
I haven't much to say - I had a Golden Circle ticket, which was tres amazing cos I was right close, but with room to dance. There was a man with a lobster hat.
Gaga was AWESOME.
And I managed to get a whole load of pics.

My good friends Daniel and Cat (you'll have seen them around these parts before) waited around round the back of the arena, and met her. Jammy.
I was too busy dancing, but I do wish I'd gone with them...
(these are both from Daniel's facebook; sure he won't mind...)

So yeah.
There are a TON more photos, and you should be able to see them all here or over at facebook...
Enjoy! (I certainly did :D)

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Nathalie said...

oh wow, I am sure it was a spectacular night. How great you went there...

Anonymous said...

im the man with the lobster hat!! i just did a google search to see if the people who lent it for photographs during the show had published any online and i came across ur blog- great work!
gaga was awesome!