Sunday, 7 March 2010

storage solutions

Super lazy sunday posting alert!
Really though.
Very few actual words to write here.

I have a lot of clothes.
And a lot of shoes.
And....well, actually, for a student, quite a lot of storage. Big-ass wardrobe, certainly. It's why I chose this room, the wardrobe is about 3 times the size of everyone elses (AND IT'S STILL FULL!).

So, in the spirit of lazy Sundays, you can now see where I keep everything!
But in all honesty, I enjoy pictures of stuff like this. Readers who also have blogs, do take pics of your wardrobes crammed with clothes, and your draws of shoes! (Looking forward to seeing if Ana and her walk in wardrobe aka spare room full of bags and/or Aaron and, with clothes eveeerrryyywheeerreeee take me up on this).

So, in no particular order (anti-clockwise around my room, I guess...):
my wardrobe (+bag collection in bottom right, +bag full of belts/scarves/hats in bottom left)//my wardrobe door of Dazed tear pages and words and shit//boots under the window//drawers of shoes (heels and wedges, mostly), +pile of clothes on the left side which slowly builds up throughout the week until it threatens to take over my room//drawers of clothes (tees, jumpers, socks etc)//more drawers of shoes (flats and courts).

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Ana said...

the walk in wardrobe is no more! it got too messy, so it is now a room of general crap i.e my washing basket and

Kim said...

You're gonna be famous one day. Just thought i'd remind you.
You're the only one of my friends that i can see actually getting somewhere in life.

mam said...

Wow what an accolade Kim! Go Jen!! :D

Kat said...

i love nosing into peoples wardrobes! haha loads of shoes :D

sophie megan said...

nearly as much as me!
shoes are my vice, 80+ pairs.
I'm afraid i will be forced to move out of my own room to make room.