Wednesday, 10 March 2010

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If you're a reader of (of course you are), or indeed, up on your fash journalism types, you'll know of Tim Blanks. He covers the big shows; he goes off on tangents; he is awesome. He's also not too google-able - I couldn't find a biog nor nowt (on the first page of searching. What, I'm not going in-depth for this.).

Good job Vice
done an interview with 'im then; very exciting.

pic from Vice, yeah?

So I knew he was all kinds of awesome, but I didn't know just how awesome...
Gander at some soundbites:

"I file so far after the deadline that the editor has no choice but to run with my tangents."

"I know a tiny bit about a huge number of things."

"I’m always obsessing about a couple of things - a band, an artist - to the point where I want to find out everything there is to know about them."

And he likes the XX. (Vidi the interview...)
What we can establish from this is that essentially, me and Tim are the same person. Wonderful! I'm off to pick up my paycheck from; you stay here and read these three Q&A's, which both delighted and inspired me.

Which fashion magazines are doing the most to change fashion?
English ones.

Who are the most interesting designers?
Ones who aren’t afraid to fail.

What are the key ingredients of a good collection?
An unhinged intelligence, a sense of humour, and a strong morbid streak.

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