Thursday, 11 March 2010

madder men

big up Tom&Lorenzo @ Project Rungay for dropping this, yeah?


Mattel is producing limited edition Mad Men Barbies to coincide with the Season 3 DVD launch; in the form of a Don and a Betty Draper, a Roger Sterling, and of course a Joan Holloway.

Major attention to detail (as I have come to expect from anything Mad Men related, of course) - note Betty's pearl necklace (and gorgeous dress!) and Joan's pen pendant...
Apaz Don comes with a hat, a briefcase and a coat too. And his suit is lined. These barbies have class, man.

Every Season 3 DVD will come with a sketch of one of the dolls, too.

I want a Joan.
Oh, Joan.

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Anonymous said...


mam said...

Ohhh whatever next?? haha

Stylish Goose said...

Nice! Joan is of course my favorite too! Really cute.

But I love Don Draper in real life much better. :)



Stylish Goose said...

btw, I LOVE your little My styleicon. I used to watch that all the time when I was a kid. :)