Saturday, 26 December 2009

happy jesusmas

I hope you're currently eating turkey sandwiches and chocolate and watching questionable TV.

I was gonna say "
I am!" but I haven't mustered up the energy to make a turkey salad ciabatta (OH YEAH. YOU HEARD ME.) and the TV isn't on - we just sitting around with our laptops, catching up on the lack of computer usage yesterday. Oh deary, deary me.

I feel like I should be watching Disney films....
Boxing day is a Disney sort of day. I planned - and I use that term loosely - to watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame today, and do a post about how Disney music is awesome and Frollo is the clearly the most evil Disney villain ever, more so than Scar off of The Lion King by a long way (don't you dare disagree with me!), but he's not the best villain ever cos that's CLEARLY Hades off of Hercules. I mean, he has FLAME HAIR and, yknow, it's James Woods. I think of Hades every time JW is on Family Guy.


Hmm, so, yes, this is all cos I've been on a Disney binge up on my ipod this week. Man, I'm cool.
But yeah, I went to grab my DVD to bring it home and then I remember it was in Luke's room and I didn't know where his spare key was. McNinz! *shakes fist*

Instead, I suppose I'll do something fashion-y.
Handily, there's an awesome set of photos up on fashion156 right now, featuring some designers I've spoken of before, and some I plan to look up and probably post about in the New Year, if not later this week.

Featured designers (in order of appearance): Peter Pilotto/Bitching&Junkfood; Gareth Pugh/Hermione De Paula/Pam Hogg; Petra Metzger; Maria Francesca Pepe/Luna and Curious/Bitching&Junkfood/Blushless; Pheobe English; Craig Lawrence

Expect posts on a handful of those labels soon! Many I hadn't heard of before, but am keen to see what else there is to see of them.
Although, I'm sure you've seen Bitching&Junkfood about, given that their blog is linked over to the right there - their feathered neckpieces and bejewelled necklaces are just awesome.

Back to eating! And doing photoshop-based Uni work :(

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