Thursday, 24 December 2009

snow joke

This is the view outta my window.

I shoulda taken a photo of the actual street.
The paths on ours are like sheet ice, for realz.
They're not that bad once you get of our street though. Main roads = all good.

Given the ice/snow/cold, and that I'd be at a gig then a night out, clearly this outfit was an excellent idea:

primark blazer; vintage sheer blouse and high waist trousers; topshop heels; various jewellery

Ana was much more suitably dressed, in her boots. I love our classy 'in the Camp David toilets' photos. Teehee.

Oh, ask her where everything is from. Likely she'll do a blog, I've sent her t'photos.

I don't know why we were impressed by this machine in said toilets, but we were. Ana especially.

And, lo! Obligatory "i love my friends I do, look how awesome they are" pic.

Must get back to meaningful posts.
If the last couple of weeks was all 'this designer' this and 'that designer' that, this week has been all 'me me me!'. I don't like either of these scenarios, in particular. Shall strike a nice balance in future.
New Years Resolution the first.


So it's Christmas Eve.
I'm back at home in Durham. I'm going to actual Church for the carol service tonight (the only time we go to church, ever. Although, it'll be the second time this year, given Lewis' christening earlier this year.)
Probs no posts for a few days, but of course you'll all be busy eating and swapping presents so you won't be reading either!!


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