Sunday, 27 December 2009

style resolutions I - hair

It's the last week of the decade.
In case you hadn't heard.
That, of course, also makes it the last week of the year.

Now, 2009 was pretty effing amazing.
I mean, I literally had the year of my life. It can only be downhill from here, can't it?
I assume the next, oh, at least 18 months will be. Stress, stress, stress at uni, I assume. I do hope I can continue to keep up with the ol' blogging.

London, travelling, socialising, meeting the people I met, having the nights I had, starting to blog and as such becoming part of such a welcoming community? Allllll amazing things.

So, what for 2010?
I don't know what the next year, or indeed, any of the future holds in terms of, well, anything, but what I can predict, or make a resolution about at least, is the evolution of jenn.
Not that I'm gonna start talking in the 3rd person; I'm not that pretentious.

If you've been reading for a while you might note that I'm a bit sick of having such short hair. Turns out I have a whole hair plan for the next i-don't-know-how-long, but I think this is achieveable within a year, non?

Hairspiration numero uno:

Some 60s model lady, found on...I don't remember where. It's nearly at this stage already, I think.

Hairspiration numero due:

Taylor Tomasi, senior market editor for Teen Vogue (both pics from Jak&Jil).
All I need is the length! Then a bit of thinning out and a nice straighten. Just not too straight. Never a fan of this.

Hairspiration numero tre:

Daphné Burki (from Garance Doré's blog.)
Back to natural colour, tips dipped in honey blonde, a bit tousled. This time next year, friends and readers, this time next year. I think hers is a honey blonde that's growing out, but I'm not doing that, aww hell no.

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