Saturday, 3 October 2009

'dam, day two

This reminds me of, like, on Fringe when the name of the place comes up at the start of the ep? Like text on TV shows, I dunno. I hope you know what I mean....

So I hired a bike yesterday. I tried out a few before I found one that was small enough for me; pretty sure it was a kids bike? I mean; it's pink and flowery, look at it!

Pink and flowery and AWESOME. Pretty sure people thought I was an actual Amsterdam-er cos I didn't have one of the labelled hire bikes...teeheeeee.


The park at the museumplein, which has a bunch of elephants all around it (there are indeed elephants all over the city), which are part of a travelling art exhibition which are being individually auctioned off to help save Indian Elephants...yeah. So some of them were super awesome.

There's a bit more sign in there too.
Had an amazing sandwich - shall recommend food places in a kind of "guide to the city" deal; which I am trying to write as I go...

Biked to this second hand book market, and found a really good old postcard for ¢50 which I can see going on a moddboard at some point....deffo photocopying for my sketchbook, which I'm gonna start on when I get back, so I have 2 months to do it...

Biked up to this gate type deely, which is right in the north west of the city (I may have gotten a bit lost at this point...found my way back, don't worry.)

So yeah; needless to say I was in uber pain at the end of the say (seized up a bit and everything) - but I lovelovelove bikes. I debated getting one at home but there is no city like Amsterdam for biking; it'd be pointless in Newcastle.
If you come here, get a bike. There's nothing like speeding down Spuistraat with Sugar, We're Going Down blasting.

Emo is excellent as a peddling accompaniment.

As is hip-hop, the Knife, and the Virgins. Just, FYI.


janet said...

please check out the music video showcasing the s/s 2010 collection for my line graey:

mam said...

lovin the biking thang! rofl - it's so you, that pink one! :D And the fact you have put 'mooseums+art' in your contents :D

I'd have died to see you riding about, must be true what they say about riding a bike then ;)xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen, I'm a friend of your mum's and have been following your blog for a while. Just had to tell you, I love the pix of the elephants, they are great. Also your pix of Amsterdam reminded me of a great holiday there a couple of years ago. Hope you are enjoying Berlin as well.

Anonymous said...

another friend of your mum here! Loving your blog... want to recommend when you get to Barcelona. You will adore.