Friday, 2 October 2009

'dam day one

In which I wandered a lot. And then came back to the hostel to see the Paris collections. LEAVE ME ALONE; I DON'T CARE THAT I'M TRAVELLING, I'M A FASHION NERD, KAY?

So I found some seeeeriously awesome shops.
Laura Dols, in which I almost passed out about 10 times within 2 minutes of stepping inside due to ALL THE SQUEEING. (Look! It's like something off of Strictly Come Dancing up in there!)

2 words. Brocade. Jodphurs. LIKE, SERIOUSLY. As well as sheer, and lace tees (!), longline bras (which were all too big. sadface.), lots of sparkles (I believe there were lurex harems. YEAH.), tons of prom dresses, and sheer skirts.
I tried this on (changing room photos; win!), and seriously considered buying it, before realising I have very little room in my case and it was far too poofy to fit.

I mean, look at it! want;love.
The merits of packing a full case = no room for purchases = less money spent. It's a good thing, honest. Especially when you pass this store:

And they have those wedges. Damn you Atacoma wedges, damn you and your £335/€339 price tag. Damn you to a fiery hell. The ones they had out were my size too. I picked them up, and swiftly put 'em back down and ran away before I even contemplated it.

Oh, and I wore this (ta, Laura Dols mirrors. Again.). Feeling the spots. This is the blouse I couldn't resist, a couple of days before I left. It's just too good.

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