Sunday, 4 October 2009

'dam, day three

I only have a couple of pics... one of my totally hawt outfit, and one of a cat in the window of a "coffee shop". I went on a walking tour yesterday, which was nice, but meant I didn't take many pics cos I was listening and walking an' ting...

So outfit?

And cat?

Apologies for the blurrrrrrr. The outfit pic was in my new favourite shop which I am actually KICKING MYSELF for not buying stuff from cos you can't buy outside of The Netherlands ;_;. Gutted. But it was lush and shall be getting it's own post.
I also gave in to the "don't buy stuff" policy (and nearly missed the start of the tour) after finding a GREY ORGANZA DRESS in a vintage shop. Totally sheer. SO HOT. You have no idea.
My conversation with the guy in the shop went a bit like this:

"This please"
"..did it have a tag?"
"hmmm...*wanders off, then comes back* that'll be 8 euros please."
"*dances on the inside* OK. Oh, you have a pic of Lady GaGa on your til! Me and my friend love her. I didn't used to, he brought me round."
"ohhh! She's awesome!"
"Yeah I know! She's mental, good to have mental people."
Cue laughing and mutual appreciation and such.

I also managed to steal a coffee...? In my favourite cafe! Cos it's like...tiny, and I forgot you had to pay on the way out, and the guy wandered off for a second, and it wasn't till about 2 hours later I realised.....hmm.

So I'm in Berlin now (there probs won't be a post for today, cos yknow, I was on a train for most of it...) and it is already awesome. I was becoming a little bored of 'dam - I think it's nice for a weekend or such but it's pretty expensive and you can see most of it in a couple of days... Berlin on the other hand, is MASSIVE. Even the train station. Seriously. And it seems cheaper too so, WIN.

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Daniel Gourley said...


im so excited for you! this seems amazing, i shall call you tonight i SHWEAR! LOVE YOULOVEYOULOVEYOULOVEYOU!!