Friday, 9 October 2009

Berlin, day 3.

I'll do day 4 tomorrow; gotta catch up maaaan! I did nothing but sit on a train and feel incredibly tired today. Prague hostel is made of win - sitting in a very comfy chair in the bar which is playing The Verve - Urban Hymns and I am trying not to sing Sonnet really loudly right now.

I miss Berlin and the Dundonions* already. And my tiny black jacket**. Sadface.

What did I do on Wednesday anyway? *looks through pics*

OH YEAH, I totally hit up the Pergamon Museum which was all greek statues and Islamic art and I took sickening amounts of photos cos I am well into greek statues and the colours stories in the art and that. Also they had these vases which made me want to sing the songs from Hercules, and you MUST know how hard it it to supress Disney songs...

Also came across some vintage shops - one dedicated to shoes, and I fell in love with a pair which fit LIKE. A. GLOVE. but they were €99 and I figured that was 'spensive. I am literally going to buy a pair of shoes from a charity shop and have a bash at making my own version though; cos they were AMAZING. And went so well with my outfit it was a little ridiculous. Sigh. (cue super-fiddled with photo. The light was ALL OFF in these changing rooms; wtf. This wasn't in the shoe shop, fyi, but another vint shop...)

U-bahn-ed it to Potsdamer Platz (again; gotta love the tall shiny buildings!) and ate Haagen Daas (ILOVEYOUPRALINESANDCREAM) and walked the length of the Tiergarten right up to the Kaiser Willhelm Memorial Church. Feet hurt ridiculous amount. Found charity shop, bought more sheer grey goodness (NO BUT SERIOUSLY! Why am I writing in caps so much?!? Why does everything have to be shouted?!?!?! Eh.) and then got some noodles (which were amazing) and U-bahn-ed it back to the hostel, wherein pool, beer and banter occurred, as it did every night of my 5 amazing nights.

PHOTODROP! including random sketch of the most awesomely dressed child I've ever seen. I wanted her outfit, man***.

So yes, a normal night ensued, cept this night we also went to a club which had a beach out back (even though it absolutely pissed down for a decent portion of the night).
It also had a 5 floor...warehouse...type...thing...attached to it, which had random bars on some of the floors and a craft market on one, and graffiti and random art EVERYWHERE. Then there was some electro-based dancing in a room at the side to remixes of MGMT, Daft Punk and Depeche Mode. I was throwing mad shapes; hoping that they would conjure Mr Gourley to join me. I mean, Harder Better Faster Stronger is OUR SONG out on the floor; yknow?! But yeah; epicly awesome.
Got to bed at half 4. My dorm hated me, I'm pretty sure. I never turned in til at least half one on any given night....

I am so tired right now; it's a little bit sickening. But I am determined to stay up and get up superearly tomorrow in order to see as much of Prague as is physically possible tomorrow cos I've only planned one full day here (and most of the second day; hello overnight train to Milan with a 3 hour stopover in Venice). Yeah.

There's a guy watching Family Guy on his iPhone at the next table; I think I love him.


* BEST WORD FOR PEOPLE FROM A PLACE EVER. Better than Geordies. Dundonions. SAY IT. Brilliant.
** Oh yeah, I totally lost it. It was too small for me an ting, but still. It was right next to my bag; I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!
*** FYI, this is one of the best faces/heads I've ever drawn. In that it actually looks like a person. Woo!


Anonymous said...

ich liebe kaiserwilhemsgedachtnichtskirce?
think its called that in german i love the pic you took with the modern church in did you go inside there with all the blue stained glass if i remember rightly?

Cat =D

Daniel Gourley said...