Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Berlin, day 2.

I'm supposed to be leaving tomorrow, but there are more parts of the city I want to explore so I may stay til Friday...ah the wonders of being flexible with your tickets and such!

So here are a bunch of photos from my wanderings - around the Reichstag, up into the glass Dome a-top it, the Holocaust Memorial (which I enjoy a lot as a piece of architecture), Potsdamer Platz - where some kids were setting off bunches of balloons - and the square by the University Library with what is quite possibly the weirdest form of transport I've ever witnessed; the octagon bike.

The first picture is of me in the mirrored centre of afore mentioned Dome on the Reichstag. I enjoy this picture... You can't really see my outfit though. Boo. Grey maxi dress, black oversized blazer with a belt around it. Berlin is bringing out my love for black and grey and layering even more so, it's been pretty much my uniform this week. My feet hurt from too much walking; also. Must stop complaining, stuff to see and do!

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Anonymous said...

im so jealous you bitch

these picz make me wanna go back moreee!

Cat xoxxoox hope your havin an amazing time