Monday, 3 August 2009


Sadly, this is not a post about the britpop band, but is instead a post about how men's clothes are clearly awesome.

I'm still mourning the loss of my camera, and of course this means I can't post pics of the CLEARLY AMAZING men's chinos I bought last week.
In the sale.
At a charity shop.
For a pound.
Ohhh yeah.

They are many kinds of awesome, as evidenced by a positive reaction to them when I wore them out on Friday night (despite the fact I literally threw them on cos I only decided to go out about half an hour before we left).

So when Kingdom of Style (and IS MENTAL!) wrote about the label God's Prey earlier this week, I was interested to note that it was the menswear I was way more into. Check this jacket!

Ahhhhh SO MUCH LOVE! I hope it's within my budget.....which hopefully it will be, apparantly my London deposit is on it's way back to me! Wooo!

You can buy God's Prey at these places:

Welcome Hunters, Los Angeles -
Addicted, Seoul -
Destination Shop, Amsterdam -
Heathen, Tokyo -
The Outpost, Brisbane -
Swagger, Tokyo -
Drgn, Mexico City -

I'm loving that everyone is loving the magic comedian money! XD
Many thanks to Ana and Lauren!

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asianz r scary