Friday, 7 August 2009

Florence's Drumming

So this video is pretty much amazing (as is the song!)...

I adore the short nun-esque habit-type things with the gold sequin hotpants! I'm also enjoying anything involving dance routines in indie videos. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH OF THIS. I demand more!

There's a bit of an interview type thing on dazed digital about the video and the styling etc. I'm thinking more and more that this is the type of thing I'd like to do...styling and design, possibly within the media (so music videos, TV, film, yknow). Considering when I was younger my other ambition was to be in a band, I think a career mixing fashion and music is pretty much my dream job.
Man, I was an ambitious child.

As a side note, Florence very reminds me (especially in this video) of Queen Michelle off of Kingdom of may be the mask (around the 3 minute mark, somewhere?), I'm not going to lie.

many apologies for the slow down in posts, I still have a severe lack of a camera so I'm relying on the Internet to throw me a bone on things to post. Also I've been too busy being spontaneous. Which is fun.


mam said...

a "frickin" bone, surely? LOL at the spontaneity - it rocks!!

mam said...

also meant to say, first time I've heard this but it's good. Reminds me of Kate Bush of old :D

jenn said...

florence is AWESOME. i'm very addicted to this song as of right now.

Kwany said...

Florence told me she loves me.

True facts.