Thursday, 9 July 2009


OK, so, when I was at home last week, my mam handed me a bag saying one of our neighbours had brought it round, saying "though your daughter might be able to do something with this, since she does fashion and all".

Ahhhh there are perks! Oh yes.

Anyway, this was what was in the bag (low quality pic alert! It was too dark...)

So to kill time during the week, I shortened it, and the sleeves, and it now looks like this:

Cute, free, lace dress? Hells yes.
And the lace I cut off the bottom makes an awesome belt/scarf/thing...

Oh! And this is the sequin cardi I got at the shopping party at the East End Thrift Store. Yeah, I'm wearing it as a dress.

I'm back in Newcastle now; and I am blaming this for my lack of posting. My aim this summer/in life is too do something interesting/cultural/productive every day - so far, since saturday, I've done some more DIY projects (there will be pics, when I wear these things, more than likely. Lazy.) and settled in, and been swimming with Luke as promised.
More posts to come.

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