Sunday, 5 July 2009

To Clarify My Style View

I'm pretty sure I contradicted myself in my resort posts re: what I like in fashion/style, so perhaps a quick clarification?

In the shows, I enjoy either chic, wearable clothes that you can imagine people (if not yourself) wearing; OR completely OTT, insane, absolutely unwearability of the type McQueen and Chalayan do so well (hence why I love them so much). That's what a show is about - you're either showcasing your wares with a view to making sales, or you're putting on a show, showing your art to the world (which will inevitably be pared down for sale).

What I tend to not be into as much are the clothes which are by no means purely show pieces, and yet are unlikely to be worn by anyone outside of a Red Carpet situation.
I appreciate the beauty of Marchesa and Elie Saab, for example, but would never consider them an influence, or be particularly inspired by their work, purely because they don't appeal to either the consumer nor the art fan in me. Call it two years of being a fine art student before a fashion student; I don't know.

However, when it comes to personal style, I have no problem with whatever anyone wants to wear, as long as they can pull it off.
And by pull it off, I don't mean if it suits your body type, or anything to that effect (although that is always something to consider) - lord knows my 5ft 3 frame cant pull off half the outfits I drop onto it - but an air of confidence; even indeed arrogance; as you go about your day wearing your crazy outfit, is as essential as the outfit itself, IMO.

This may or may not explain my tendency to strut along whichever particular street I'm on.

My personal style is pretty easy to sum up - I like layering, sheer fabrics, high waists and cinching, massive heels, and a colour palette of nudes (cream over white any day), blues, greens, black and grey, with the occasional pop of bright colours. One look at my wardrobe could tell you that in a second. I'm not a big print person, but I do have a few florals and, as of my last ebaying spree, a leopard print maxi dress. I adore vintage - it tends to fit me better.
I like to think I'm some sort of Carrie Bradshaw (yes, the character)/Gwen Stefani/Agyness Deyn/Joan Holloway hybrid.
I think I may have too high an opinion of myself.

Joan Holloway is frickin awesome though.

Every time I wear a pencil skirt, I channel my inner Joan. It helps that most of my pencil skirts are vintage.
I'm even debating dyeing my hair red. Damn you Joan!

Anyways, my design style is pretty similar (this is, I suppose like most designers. You wouldn't design something you didn't like. Although I have designed things I like but wouldn't wear, so it's not that restricted. It can't be, you can't put that much of a limit on yourself.)
I intend to pop some of my work up here at some point, but I haven't designed anything original for a while, what with placement and stuff. At the minute I'm mostly working on my own versions of things I could never afford...
When I do get the time/inspiration for new things, I'll put them up. Along with any DIY projects, ofcourse.

OK, long rant/informative post over, sorry to bore you.
Back to the tennis.
C'mon Federer!

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