Thursday, 9 July 2009

Reacquainting Myself.

I had to look up how to spell reacquainting. *facepalm*

Today! Today I walked to the quayside. I saw the Millenium Bridge tip up! I've never seen it before!!! I was stupidly excited.

More wandering, into town (via the tax office...), past an urban lake* and some Banksy-esque stuff...

And then to Wilkinsons for placement report supplies! And over the road to one of my favourite charity shops - British Red Cross.
If you are a northerner, or are visiting Newcastle, there are 3 charity shops that are almost always guaranteed to unearth a treasure of some sort. They would be aforementioned Red Cross, at the bottom of Grainger Market, and the two Cancer Research UK shops (Saville Row, and Grainger Street. Which is the one I used to work at!).
Anyhoo, found these awesome high waisted trousers:

...and a peach/nude skirt...dress...thing. It actually looks good as both, observe:

The black top, FYI, was the first vintage thing I owned, and belonged to my mam! I've had it for years, but I don't really wear it - but it looks so good with most of my wardrobe! Expect to see it more often.

Also took in Sunshine Cleaning at the Tyneside Cinema, which is one of my favourite places in Newcastle. It was a sweet film, I enjoyed it. I'm going to see Pierrot Le Fou there tomorrow too.
So right now, I'm into the cinema, cool tailored trousers, long skirts, jackets, swimming, walking, and this mashup of Michael Jackson and Ratatat**.

I came home to Luke's homemade chocolate cake. Luke is awesome at cakes. I do not know how he is the size he is, the boy could snap in two in a light breeze.

We are determined to get up early tomorrow and go swimming. And by early I mean half 6 or 7am swimming.
As a house, we're also getting into sport - I'm getting tennis stuff tomorrow, for use on the tennis courts in Heaton Park!
OK, cake time.


You might notice that there won't be many more "here's what I wore today" posts - I'll still post DIY projects and new purchases, but outfit posts will be kept to, which Christopher from supersneakystreetscene kindly sent me an invite too. You can see my latest outfit in the widget to the right!

I'm also gonna start posting more Newcastle-based street style posts. Hopefully. I mean, this city has 11 classes worth of Fashion students at Northumbria alone (4 years of design, 4 years of marketing, 3 years of communications...), and countless other stylish folk, so surely I'll find fierce people somewhere!


*Yeah, I just invented that.

** CLICK THE LINK TO DOWNLOAD IT. DOOOOO IT. It's from The Hood Internet, and you should click that link too, because the Hood Internet are amazing. If you're anything like me, you'll get stupidly addicted to that and it will ruin Billie Jean for you for ever and ever because you'll keep hoping the crazy electro synth chords will come in, and they won't, and then you'll have to play the mashup instead.

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Luke McNaney said...

Awesome I am indeed in the art of le cake creation.

In case you're pondering, yes I did sign up solely to comment. Perhaps I'll make use of this though...