Sunday, 24 May 2009


Monday & Tuesday of last week for this recap, then. Cept I have no pics from Monday cos my camera battery died - I'm waiting for Kim to upload the pics to Facebook but til then we have nothing.

Anyways, we went wandering around SoHo, after getting tickets to Spring Awakening on the night. We went to Yo! Sushi, which was Kim's first sushi experience, and she loved it. Which is good, cos it's awesome. It took me long enough to find it though, cos I couldn't remember which street it was on, and that part of SoHo is like a maze. Finally found it on Poland Street and did a little jump in the air cos I was well hungry by then. And of course, it being just round the corner from Beyond Retro (ensuring I never forget where it is again) meant I dragged Kim there after. She bought some shoes, I bought a red dress. Again, there will be pics at some point.

We went to Oxford Street, but only to play the 'we made that' game in Topshop (which is a game I invented, and involves walking round Topshop/Miss Selfridge shouting 'we made that!' at anything RTW made. Fun times.), and then I took Kim alllll the way to the Caffe Nero at the bottom of Dover Street, to show her the hot Italian guy who works there (luckily he was at work). Haha, pervs. I have no pics, btw. :(.

Annnnd then we went to the National Gallery for a quick poke around, and I was gutted I didn't have my camera/sketchbook at this point and made a note to go back with them to get some inspirational stuff. I've never been before, rather liked it. And then Pizza Express for tea :D. YumYum.

So Spring Awakening was AWESOME. I downloaded the soundtrack (cast recording, whatevs) when we got home, and I urge anyone reading to go see it asap, though it closes (nooooo!) next Saturday, which is vair vair sad. I read it wasn't selling tickets despite rave reviews from pretty much everyone who has seen it thus far. Bad times. 

So Tuesday we decided we'd go to the zoo :D
Commence photos.

Emo ray! Brilliant.

The fish with the best face/facial expression EVER.

A cuddly Gorilla that looked like it had passed out. I am easily amused.

Kim's starting her own zoo in 'boro, but with stuffed animals.....I wish this was true. 

I got so many pics in the butterfly house, the patterns and colours are awesome.
The tigers were gorgeous.

MEERKATS! They are so awesome.

Um yeah so somehow we literally spent all day at the Zoo, then we walked through Regent's Park and past Baker Street, and went for coffee, and then to Chinatown for some Chinese, and then we realised we hadn't been to hug the gherkin (which was something Kim was trying to force me to do haha), so we wandered to Bank and it was dusk by time we got there, and dark by the time we got on the bus home. Got some nice pics, all on facebook, but here's Kim hugging the gherkin (and as such making peace with her fear of tall buildings) and in Leadenhall Market.

So I was at work Thursday and Friday, and the last 2 days I've been sitting in the house, watching old Lost (I'm at the season 1 finale now, fact fans.), doing washing and sorting stuff out to ebay, which is excellent news for both my wardrobe - which was close to bursting - and my bank balance - which is suffering baaaadly from last weekend and lack of bursary going into it.
I plan to become a hermit until I get said bursary, so you might have to make do with posts about cool things I found on the Internet/Lost for a while. 
Better than nowt innit.

* For fans of Mystery Jets first album *wink*

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