Friday, 22 May 2009

Friday, Saturday, Happy Days

This is last Friday and Saturday, ofc.
Sunday was not a particularly 'happy day' and is therefore not included.
But yeah.

I met Kim at 4-ish (after leaving work early, teehee) and we dropped her bag off here and went to see QI (!!!), cept, we got there and queued for a while, and then they said it was full, cos apparantly having a ticket wasn't enough, it was also first come first served. BOOOO. Good job they were free goddammit. Gutted though, no Mr Fry sightings ;_;.

So I showed Kim around the South Bank a little instead, in the rain.

And we went to Giraffe for tea.

Where they charged us "optional" service charge? But they whack it right on yer bill so you'd have to ask to have it taken off, and risk the embarrassment. SNEAKY BUGGERS.

And we wandered around in the dark a bit too.

And on Saturday, we went to Camden XD
I saw Eudald from work! Haha, it was random. And he was with two of his friends and all 3 of them had trenchcoats on, I lol'd, it was like they were in a club of some sort.

ANNNND we had lunch at the market, which is one of my fave places to eat cos it's a) cheap and b) SO diverse, you can literally have anything. I had Mexican, Kim had Chinese, and we sat on the awesome new motorbike chairs on the right side of the road - I'm pretty sure it's newly open, I guess after the Hawley Arms fire? I dunno, it looked pretty shiny and new.

I spent lots of money on a bright pink skirt, a long black dress (VAIR gothic/Comme De Garcons/Rick Owens. LOVE.), a white jacket and a nautical brooch, and a Russian-style fur hat, which was purely for that nights entertainment and which I have been trying to shoe-horn into my actual wardrobe for the past week, but to no avail.
(FYI, there will probs be pics of these items on here at some point soon, mmkay? I'm in my jamas now and can't be bothered to change.)

It doesn't matter what I put it with, I just look Russian. I'll keep it till winter, when it's actually fur hat weather, and see what happens then, ey? Else it's going on ebay.

So, the nights entertainment, you ask? EUROVISION, MY DEAR!
Bailey had invited us round, and jokingly she suggested it be fancy dress.
Never offer the option of fancy dress to someone from Newcastle - I am almost certain it is the fancy dress capital of the world. (No lie, go out, any night, and you will see hundreds of people in fancy dress. Especially if it's a weekend. Or a big student night. Or a day ending in Y.)

I was Russia, and wore this, as well as my fur hat:

(Hat from Camden Market, vintage jacket from Brick Lane, vest from work, skirt from
Topshop, boots from ebay. Fur tail from Portobello market, put together by me :D)

Note the fine colour matching of the flag there! Also the fierce use of fur (read: the only 2 furry items I had), and know that I also took a bottle of vodka. This last fact was regrettable.

And Kim was France:

She looked AWESOME. I dunno what it was about the flicky hair, but she looked so much more French with it. And those are all my clothes, haha. Even the necklace kinda looks like onions! Genius.

'course, Nico, an actual french person, turned up later, but Kim clearly *looked* more French, so yknow.

So yeah, we went, we made/drank copious amounts of cocktails, we ate pizza, we cheered on Greece*, Bailey's dress fell down more times than was appropriate (well, one time is more than enough, really), we danced with a crutch...?**

...we woke up the next morning somewhat worse for wear.

Made it home, slowly, after much walking/fresh air before we could brave the bus, and after a stop at Tesco for cheese strings and haribo (Kim) and sausage rolls (me). Hungover cravings are weird.

We got in, we had a sleep and a cheese string each, and I made sausage rolls and mash, and it was awesome. XD


OK, so today, I felt like an actual proper designer. Haha, it was ace.
I dunno why, I mean I was sitting at Eudald's desk cos he's buzzed off to New York for 10 days (lucky bitch.) but it's not like I haven't sat there before...shrug.

Annnd on the way home I saw this car:



* The campest, therefore, the best song. Apparantly the UK gave it 12 points. I did not remember this. I do remember voting for it twice, though.

**I have no idea who this crutch belonged to.

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Mam said...

I knew before I read your bit that you'd fell in love with that box thing that is laughingly called a car *eyeroll* LOL x