Monday, 25 May 2009

things i need in my life.

This weekend of sitting in the house has forced me to peruse the Internet. I have now decided I need both of these bags, both from Topshop, for my as-yet-still-unbooked Europe trip.

Definately need a satchel, and am watching some on ebay, but the huge bag is ace, and I'm thinking maybe thats a better idea than a wheelie case. More practical, but better looking than a rucksack (of course aesthetics are important in travelling, shutup!).

In completely un-connected news, I'd like someone to buy me these shoes, plzkthnx:

The above are, according to the blog I found the pic on, Martin Margiela's, but I can't find them anywhere :(
The bottom ones are Yves Saint Laurent cage
I will accept no imitations (though there are plenty, just none with the cage heel too). But they are about £950, which is not good. We passed the YSL shop in SoHo last Monday and I saw them in the window out the corner of my eye, and I swear to god I steamed up the window cos my face was pressed so close to it. I NEED THEM! ARGH! Why don't I have 950 pounds :(

Oh yeah, and I found the YSL pic on a blog called supersneakystreetscene which is pretty awesome. The post with the shows also has some GORGEOUS Ann Demeulemeesters, among others, and yeah. It's a pretty good style blog. I added so many of those today! You can see which blogs I follow on Blogger through my profile which is over there >>>
Mostly they are fashion related, lots of street style blogs. I like that sort of thing. If you know of one I don't appear to be watching, let me know!

So, yeah, as promised, finally, here are the things I bought last weekend.
Black dress (with new leather jacket, in the first pic. My how I love it. I feel sooo Rick Owens in that outfit. Fierce.):

(Black dress from Episode in Camden, leather jacket from ebay, shoes from Peacocks)

Why do I look asleep in the first one? And what is happening with my hair?? Weird.

Pink silk skirt:

(Hat from ebay, top & leggings free samples from work XD, skirt from...err...a vintage shop
on Chalk Farm Road, shoes from...err...somewhere. They're very old.)

Good god that pic is 80s-tastic.

Red dress:

(Dress from Beyond Retro, sunglasses from Peacocks)

Clearly channelling my inner Jackie O there. Or something.

And finally, white cropped jacket (with nautical brooch):

(Jacket + brooch from Camden Market, skirt from Traid,
belt from charity shop, boots from ebay)

NOW, opinion time.
I'm pretty much buzzing off that outfit ^ but the skirt was originally marked for the ebay pile, and it was only when I was taking photos for ebay today that I thought "Hey, I know I bought this to wear as a dress, with a belt, which is a look I'm kind of over now, but maybe it could work as an actual skirt which is it's actual purpose, hmm?", but I don't know if I'm maybe too short to pull off a longer skirt.
So yeah, if there is anyone actually reading this blog (other than my mam, but your input is welcome too :P) opinions would be welcomed. Cos it's ready to whack on ebay otherwise.

I need to get those boots reheeled.


Anonymous said...

I think you pull off the longer skirt.

K. Thx. Bye.

Mam said...

I think you'd be fine with the longer skirt,I wear longer and I luuuurve the red dress on you!! You look faaaaabulous dahlink! xxx