Thursday, 2 April 2009

Practically Famous.

Today, I have walked around 9 miles, along the above route, and on the way I have had my photo taken for the style section of the London Paper, tried on a £2000-ish dress, had a free coffee, experienced a protest, finally found someone dressed ace-ly to take a photo of, AND eaten my way through a bacon sandwich, sushi, ice cream and a danish.
(The bacon sarnie was before I left though, so I don't think it counts XD)

It has clearly been the best day ever.

(Jacket from charity shop, scarf made by me :D, dress and leggings both free from
work, cardi from Uniqlo, vintage boots from Absolute Vintage, bag from H&M)

This is what I was wearing today, picture taken in one of the many mirrors in Dover Street Market (which is where I tried on the Christopher Kane dress**, but I didn't take a pic. I did, however, fall in love with it and it is at this point I wish I was rich. I am not. BOOOO. It's probably a good job they didn't have any Rick Owens leather jackets, could I probs would've bought one. Fuck the overdraft, I need that jacket in my life.).

Clearly it was awesome enough to earn me a photo - taken outside Topshop on Oxford Street. Although, the dress I'm wearing is actually a Topshop sample which is the wrong colour or something, and isn't going to be in store, and she asked me where I got it from and how much it was and stuff, and err yeah. Oops. Hope the TS team aren't reading the paper on Monday - which is when she said the feature would be in; remains to be seen if I make it XD. Of course there'll be a pic in here if I do. But yeah, don't wanna get RTW in trouble =/

The free coffee was on the way along Strand, some guy outside Starbucks was giving free samples. Was only like Espresso sized, but vanilla latte = pretty good, tbh.

I could see the helicopter overhead from miles away, figured there was some craic, so I ended up at Bank. (tbf I was going that way anyway, but still)...

Protests for the second day in a row, although these ones weren't as mental as yesterdays, judging by the pics from yesterday.

Lots of policefolk, not so many protestors. Bit tame really.
Climbed up on the enterance to the Underground though, felt like a right rebel XD
Some guy had THE BEST SIGN EVER, which read:

"down with this sort of thing"

and on the other side:

"careful now"

I love him for his Father Ted references.

His mate had had his hoodie stolen too.
Crazy days.

And as I clambered down from the tube station opening (The pic I posted yesterday, which was from the BBC News site, was taken from the exact same spot I was in today, Fact Fans!), I found this girl:

...who I thought was vaguely cool enough to grace the pages of my sketchbook. FINALLY someone on the street who I've actually managed to get a picture of. Her skirts from American Apparal, this much I know. I think it's the hat that makes the outfit, tbh.

And off I walked to Brick Lane, where I am currently writing this blog (but since I don't have my camera lead, you are reading it after I've come home and posted it with pics ^_^)

AND, now I'm home, and have watched Lost, which was awesome. What a day, what a day. Time for a shower, and a sleep, methinks. Feet still hurt. =/.

Tunes: Bat For Lashes new album, which is AWESOME. And Placebo's new song, which is also somewhat ace. And a bit of Cage The Elephant, whose cover of Kids is a bit ace. Download away, kids, download away*

*clearly I don't endorse illegal downloading. Despite the fact the BFL album isn't out yet. XD.

** this is the dress I tried on, from

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Mam said...

Wow that you'll be in a London paper!!! You HAVE to keep it so's I can see my famous daughter! Sounds a top day - I'm glad you are making the most of living in 'That London' - and not a TFG in sight! lmao xx