Friday, 3 April 2009

Chocolatey Goodness

Gets a text, off Bryony, at half 9 this morning.

"Dude! chocolate festival! today!"

"south bank? yeah, saw that"

"we going? also, found monopoly pub crawl online!!!"

"errr yeah course, woo!" was shit. Only one stall had free samples, and they were TINY, and everything was spensive to buy :(

And clearly we don't have money to do the Monopoly pub crawl yet, but rest assured it is added to list of 'Things To Do When We Get Our Loan' (It joins: go on the wheel, go to the aquarium, buy leather jacket, buy replacement burberry coat, reheel shoes, see Spring Awakening, see Oliver!, buy train tickets back up home for the house party, book possible Europe trip. Hmm, this loan is going to be spent in about a week, init.).

So we went for lunch to Giraffe, at which I had a poor excuse for Nachos (SWEETCORN IN THE GUACAMOLE, EURGH. Salsa was subpar. Not enough sour cream. Not amused.), and a beautiful piece of chocolate cheesecake, yumyum.

And then we unfurled Bryony's map on the table and tried to decide where to go next.

Looking at the map did not inspire...

Closing eyes and pointing at a random square doesn't work when you go "NAH" to every square you pick... we just wandered.

To Westminster, where there was a policeman with a false sense of pride cos he had a big gun. Not impressive, mister. Not impressive.

Along the way to Victoria. Took a left, kept walking.
Ended up walking past....

...the Channel 4 building! 
Which has a massive 4 outisde, like in the doodads before the programmes, but made out of colourful umbrellas! AWESOME.

And then to a park next to Westminster where we sat and chatted for about an hour...and then to Trafalgar Square for a coffee and a sit down (we climbed up on Nelson, much to Bryony's dismay - the bottom bit is higher than her bwahaha), and some happy clappy dancy singy people turned up:

and like...danced and did some music for a bit. It was all a bit random. 

Tunes? Bat For Lashes, since I've got home. On the way to meet Bryony and on the way back, The Clash, and Cage The Elephant ^_^.

And finally, some feet...?


Louise Brack said...

I know which feet are yoursssssssss!
yar, this is my blog thingy, but like its jsut for my designs work... boringggggggg.

Mam said...

Yep I noes which feet are yours too! lmao!!