Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Holey Hell.

Had a hole in my tights, it turned into a ladder. A massive one. I wanted laddered tights, but when one leg has a massive hole around the knee and the other one is normal it does not achieve the desired effect. Hmph.

Today was busy
Vair busy
Until about 3pm and then I got a bit bored. ^_^
But now I'm off til next Wednesday! wtf.

I actually wish I'd been off today, I would've done what I am going to do tomorrow (which is, mostly, walk about) but my planned route took my through the Bank area, so I could've seen the protest & all that. I've never seen a proper protest, I would've thought it'd be rather exciting...

Apparantly they were protesting about the economy and the environment (when isn't there someone protesting about the environment - shut up and do something then, ffs, it would be more productive.). And some people were just supporting the G20 summit? OK, whatever BBC News. Supporting it, yeah, that's why they were kicking in the RBS building.
I bet it would've made for some good photos/stories for my sketchbook. Damn.

I like that area of London too.

Plus, I hear Russell Brand was there (well, he was, it was on his blog.), which is more reason to go if anything.
Wonder if there's anything around tomorrow? Obvs I'll have my camera so we'll see ^_^

I notice That Fucking Gherkin is peeking out at the back there. Anyone who actually knows me probably knows I'm being stalked by it. Yes, stalked by a building. ShutUp.


Anonymous said...

this blog reminds me of toast.
because i'm very hungry.
i didn't really read it.
wait there.

i have read it.
it was very good.
nice to have holy tights!
My god would be proud.

This was ALSO aaron bowman.

jenn said...

i am glad you enjoyed my blogging ^_^
mr bowman, get yerself a blog. mmkay? facebook notes don't count.
(ill follow you ^_^)