Monday, 6 April 2009

A Horror-ble Conversation

jenn. says: (23:24:29)
oh hai new horrors album. oh hai sexy faris. etc.
Kimmie - Is a raptor!. says: (23:24:43)
jenn. says: (23:24:55)
oh yes
jenn. says: (23:25:05)
jenn. says: (23:25:08)
Kimmie - Is a raptor!. says: (23:27:28)
oh hai
jenn. says: (23:28:49)
jenn. says: (23:28:51)
Kimmie - Is a raptor!. says: (23:28:58)
my nipples salute in approval of le faris.
jenn. says: (23:29:04)
Kimmie - Is a raptor!. says: (23:29:17)
lol i'm such a perv
jenn. says: (23:29:21)

A typical msn conversation for me and kim, tbh.

Over the weekend, I did very very little, apart from going down the street for a magnum (saturday) and parnsip and cakes (sunday) 
Mostly I sat on the step/windowledge/thing in my room - i have like patio doors but they dont open out onto ground level, it's odd - cos it was proper lush.

There will be another post later, about today and my new found fame - XD.

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