Wednesday, 22 February 2012


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OK, so my main focus at Antonio Beradi wasn't the outerwear, but the RED. It needs capitals. It was all outerwear, all the time at Belstaff though - big surprise.

Beradi showed the stunning and eye-searing red with a perfectly proportioned cropped jacketin grey (look 1), a perfectly pleated poodle skirt (look 2 - can such a futuristic looking skirt be referred to as a poodle skirt? It can now.) and a pale pink coat, which should clash, but sort of works (look 3)? Also with plenty of alliteration, apparently.
The red (!) dress with the flared skirt and tiny shoulder cut out, espesh with that skinny belt (look 3) is flawless - it may be my perfect dress? - and the cut of the grey/black gown (look 7) looks amazingly flattering.
Also, sequin maxi skirts.

Belstaff could give Burberry a run for their money - 'course, they'd need to up their online game massively in order to compete with Burbs, but, yknow, in the practical-outerwear-brand-gone-high-end-with-a-military-twist realm, they're up there.
Brown coat with black leather details (look 3), cropped cable knit (look 5), and black coat with leather details (look 7) - OK, so, anything with leather details - are standouts, as are the bags.

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