Saturday, 18 February 2012

felder felder.

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The neon pops in NYC have moved on in London, to the bright shades of orange and red or multi-coloured prints (reminiscent of C Kane, no?) at Felder Felder.

I can't decide if the sepia toned print in the first looks is abstract or photographic (*squints to see a picture if it's the latter*), but it makes for an excellent pair of trousers. Gold leather and chunky knits also feature (look 8), and black punctuates the collection - a simple black maxi skirt makes the print shine in look 10.

The dresses in looks 7 and 9 are my favourites - great cuts in bright, attention grabbing colours/prints. Instant, easy style. The skinny belts just set them off perfectly - my 'always add a belt' motto strikes again.

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