Thursday, 23 February 2012

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I'm not even a big print girl - you know, you've read the catwalk commentary for, like, 6 season now, right? RIGHT?! - but Mary Katrantzou's AW12 show can only be described as jaw dropping and it is definitely necessary to post it up on here posthaste.
Even though it's already been posted on about half of the blogs I follow.
Guess I won't bore you with the 'inspired by items you'd find in a drawer' schpeel...oh.

The thing that really got me was the way the prints imply texture and volume, like some sort of magic eye/3D effect - looks 7 and 8 especially, to my eyes. Oh, that, and the floaty pieces. Just LOOK at the movement in look 6.
Of course, the monochromes in looks 11 and 12 are my favourites (12 espesh, as the shape is gorgeous too). You can lead a girl to prints but you can't make her part with cash.

Feast your eyes.

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