Sunday, 12 February 2012

winter pops.

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It seems appropriate to be looking at collections full of furs and boots and outwear when it's -5 outside. Normally when the A/W shows are on it's starting to warm up a bit and everyone is looking forward to days of no tights and less than 5 layers.

Neons are essentially a spring/summer colour choice, but if the opening days of NYFW are selling us anything so far, it's the idea that neon works just as well in the colder months too. Which makes sense - I mean, to my eyes, neon works best with the common winter neutrals; the beiges and soft greys.
So far, Jenni Kayne, Juan Carlos Obando and LAMB are in on the retina-searing shades, and it's inspired one of my 'when I'm back home and probably unemployed' projects, as long as I can source some neon wool - a sort of fair isle jumper situation in beige wool with pink neon detail. Or light grey with neon yellow or lime... The combos are probably endless. We will, of course, see if this comes to fruition but I'll be damned if I end up sitting around the house watching TV all day. Again.

Anyway. The almost-neon tartan at LAMB is awesome. The Obando evening dresses aren't my style (in the i-have-no-need-for-evening-dresses sense) but certainly are neon (and would make a fantastic out-of-the-box red carpet outfit) and I'm cheating slightly on the Jenni Kayne shots with a grey coat/black trousers/brown leather top combo but it was too fantastic not to post it.

Jenni Kayne

Juan Carlos Obando


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